Monday, January 8, 2007

Some days...

Dear Jammas,

For most of us it has been about 4 and a half years since we left that great place we all met each other at MSU. Time really has flown, and it's amazing what all has happened to each of us since then. But, to me, it still feels like yesterday.

Some days I wake up and can't believe I can't just walk down the hall to see one of you and figure out what we are going to wear when we go out that night. Some days I am driving down the road and can't believe that we are all so far apart. Some days, when I am at home folding clothes or cleaning house, I can't believe I am not waiting until it's at least 9:00 so that we can go to 'insert the name of any bar in Starkville here' . Some days I just miss the old days!

This blog is an effort for us to get back in touch, stay in touch, and touch each other with new and exciting news in our lives. My hope is that, with one centralized location for us all to post, we can become better at all of these things.

I look forward to some day when we can all be together again!


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