Saturday, January 27, 2007

Libby's update

Here goes the Rhett's update: Parker and I are still living in Memphis. He is working for State Farm as an Agency Field Specialist and has an interview Monday to become an Agent! If he becomes an agent, which I have faith that he will, there is a chance that we will move. We are excited about the possibility. It depends on where agencies are available but the places we would love to live are Chattanooga, Nashville, or Huntsville. Memphis would be okay too. So, we will see. I am still teaching 3rd grade and really liking it. My kids are sooo sweet this year which makes it even more fun! We just celebrated our one year anniversary and can't believe it has been that long. We had a great first year and think marriage is the best thing ever. Time flies when you are having fun! As far as starting a family goes, we are not quite ready yet. But, we got a puppy this summer. He is a Springer Spaniel named Scout. We love him and, as all of you who have pets do, treat him like our kid. It is so good to hear all of your updates. I miss all of you and often think of all of the great times we had in college.

This is a picture of us in Chicago.
We went in August and had a great time!

This is our house in Memphis.

Here is Scout.
I mean, don't you just want to kiss him?


The Kosko Family said...

i am SO glad you posted!!! i have been missing you like crazy and needing to catch up!!

you look great....i love your house and your doggie is adorable!

i am praying for parker's interview...he'll do great....
miss you and
love you so

Anisa said...

i am so happy to hear from you! miss you, old roomie! yall look wonderful. love you!

The Hills said...

LIBBY!! i was so excited to see something from you. you look wonderful, and i love your cute house. i would love to see you soon.

The Jammas said...

I miss you all too!
Kendy, I will call you soon. Hate we haven't talked lately. Eliza Kate is sooo cute. We will be in town the weekend of Feb. 17th for a shower I am giving Mollie Walker and would love to stop by. Parker was approved to be an agent! Thanks for praying.
Anisa, it is good to hear your update. You look great too. I will be praying for your grand dad.
Jessica, It has been way too long. I would love to see you soon too. Are yall going to Megan and Paul's wedding?

The Jammas said...

that was from me earlier. i don't know why it doesn't say my name. i am new at this.