Thursday, April 19, 2007

"I really hate to say this, but I have no idea who you are" Jamma bubble was bursted today. I mean, how could anyone forget us? ;)

I know some of you are on Facebook and others aren't, so I will give a quick explanation. Facebook is this giant online community and basically you ask other people to be your "friends" and you send messages (public or more like emailing) to people. It's like a level below traditional emailing, so you can say hey to people you wouldn't email, call, etc. And you can just have short conversations back and forth. You can also see what people are doing now, so it's neat to see what's going on with people you would usually have no clue what happened to.

ANYWAY, I was going to class the other day, and I saw this Sigma Chi that used to go to State. He was one year younger than us, and we all totally knew him. So, I got on Facebook a few days later and said that I thought I saw him, and was he going to school here. Luckily, I sent him a message that was of the private variety...meaning I would not be humiliated in public, except now I am telling everyone.

His response to my message?

"I really hate to say this, but I have no idea who you are."


And the thing is, I had this fleeting thought that maybe he didn't remember me. But then, I thought I was just being silly.

What a shattered ego I have today.


The Kosko Family said...

i'm dying to know who it is!

Anonymous said...

tell us who it

Russell and Hillary Jordan said...

speak up, I want to know too! is is someome we would even care if he didn't remembered you/us? I'm taking this personally. He should remember anyone who was a Delta Gamma!

jgaskin said...

I am with Hillary!! Tell us!