Sunday, June 10, 2007


go state!!! and go russ sneed!!! the jammas are cheering for you!!!!
love, kendy


Anisa said...

yay! go state!

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody!!! If y'all were not in Starkville on Saturday, then you missed one hell of a game and celebration!!!! I can remember when we won the last Regional in 97...Russ was about 10...he still has dirt off the mound. Now HE is the one signing autographs. He is #5 for those of you who couldn't pick him out of the picture. He is so excited and thrilled for this opportunity. Just pray for the team's safety to Omaha and that they play to the best of their ability. Thank you all for cheering for him!!! He is having the time of his life! We are leaving for Omaha to y'all when we get back. Love you all, Emily

Christi said...

This totally rocks!!! I know Russ is so pumped, along with Jimmy, Dinah & Emily! How much fun to be a Sneed right now!!!