Saturday, February 3, 2007

Jessica's update

Hi Girls! It's taken me a long time to find some time to post my update. The month of January was so crazy around our house. Lee and I are doing great. We're living in Brandon on the reservoir. I'm teaching high school at Northwest Rankin and love it. I'm finishing my master's this summer at MC in Educational Leadership. The degree will allow me me to be an administrator, but I'm not sure I'm ready to leave the classroom yet. I teach seniors, and they're so fun, so I may just stay there for a while. Lee is the assistant to the Central District Transportation Commissioner, Dick Hall. So he kinda works for MDOT, but because Comm. Hall is elected, he really doesn't. Confusing, I know! Alyssa got married two weekends ago, so that has taken up most of our time, but I also had my huge licensure exam for grad school the weekend before that and a huge project due last week. So things have finally slowed down. I have loved reading about what has been going on with all of you. What a great idea, Christi! I would love to get together with anyone who's around. Let's plan to get together soon.
I'm in Starkville right now and am sitting in the new bookstore while I type this. It's amazing! The whole campus looks really good. It makes me miss being here because I think of all the fun times we all had. But, hello, I did live here after everyone left, and it was not so fun. I have to keep reminding myself of that! I miss you guys so much and love you!
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Christi said...

So good to finally hear from you!!! Actually, Kassi, Haley and I discussed getting everyone in the Jackson area together sometime. None of us have had the time to plan anything, but I think we are still motivated to do it. I'll definitely let you know what comes about! Glad to hear your busy few weeks are over.

Christi said...

I need your address and phone number and all that good stuff...If you want to email it to me send it to